About Us

Xodi Jewelry & Gallery is a wholesaler and retailer dedicated to providing our customers with a wide selection of unique clothing including Mexican dresses, textiles, jewelry, artesania, and other accessories from Mexico and Latin America. We strive for each product to be a memorable purchase for our customers, you deserve it!

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At Xodi, we make every attempt to purchase our items directly from the artists themselves. We avoid purchasing from large-scale distributors. This means that the money goes directly into the hands of those artists who are actually making these beautiful items. We go out of the way, to small towns (pueblos) to find these artists and their works.

Many of the artists, especially in rural parts of Mexico and Latin America, have trouble exporting their work out of the country. This is usually due to lack of finances. We combat this by going directly to them, sometimes even right into their homes to purchase the art! The method of buying this way is just a conscious effort on our part to put money directly into the hands of these talented artists, their families, and their communities.

Come on by and see our wonderful selection of traditional Mexican dresses, jewelry, accessories, serape blankets, and other unique textiles!

Thank you for your purchase. Even a small purchase has a great social impact via support of very talented artists. Many of whom may never get a chance to truly share their gift to the greater population. We also thank you for your support of a San Francisco based small business. We live here, we do business here, we go to school here and we are happy to serve you, our customers!